Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16-11-2010 Thai Lottery Results

First Prize: 813993

Two Digit Numbers Prize: 43

Three Digit Numbers Prize: 129 763 907 979

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Anonymous said...

this coming 16 of nov. only 2 top # ican share you ( 670&697)bye bye & goodluck

Anonymous said...

101&108.than past

Anonymous said...

total must...2..0..game duble..good luck

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cut formula;by philthai.
H-T-F RESULT-191100
1+9+1 10+10=20 (0)cut digit this coming draw.
T+8 0+8=8 (8)cut digit this coming draw.
total+6 1+6=7 (7)cut digit this coming draw.
T+1 0+1=1 (1)cut digit this coming draw.
F+2 0+2=2 (2)cut digit this coming draw.
H+T+F+8 1+0+0=1 1+8=9 (9)cut digit this draw.

isantha said...

99.99% game double
try this

Anonymous said...

on nov. 16, the lucky number will be: 0-4-5

oops! its mine.. goodluck!

from: libra - qatar

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

223 332.. 100/sure good L

Anonymous said...

116 sure yan

Anonymous said...

546 sure ball

Anonymous said...

547 lalabas maya

Anonymous said...

eto lalabas ngaung nov 16. 136-543-814

sonomono.like said...

369 sure

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